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Frutta secca

Titolo: Containers of dried fruits are lined up

Descrizione: Containers of dried fruits are lined up for sale at a stall on a street in Kabul on March 17 , 2008. Afghans are preparing to celebrate the New Year Festival of Nowruz, which is a popular time to buy new clothes as well as indulge in traditional fare such as fruits, nuts and fish. During the Taliban era the festival, which marks the start of spring, was strictly forbidden. Nowruz, the Farsi word for 'new year', is an ancient festival celebrated by people in central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran for at least 3000 years. AFP PHOTO/MASSOUD Hossaini (Photo credit should read MASSOUD HOSSAINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Crediti immagine: AFP/Getty Images - © 2008 AFP

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